Episode 1
Nature Calls The Shots

In the first episode, nature photographers Jayaprakash, Raj and Elliot open the series by introducing us to the city’s wildlife through their lens, from the micro world of insects to the majestic crocodiles and birds of prey.

Episode 2
Nature’s Fan Clubs

We dive deeper into the miniseries with the second episode, where members of Singapore’s nature groups shed light on their studies of some of the island’s wildest citizens, including stealthy serpents and bizarre sea creatures.

Episode 3
Grow, Grow, Grow!

Moving from nature’s beasts to blooms, this episode focuses on the fascinating flora and funga (and the curious relationship between them)

Episode 4
Dead or Alive

One breathes life into the lifeless, and the other rescues the sick and injured. In this final episode of our miniseries, we dabbled in the afterlife, and animal rescue.

Singapore Tourism Board ‘Wild Over The Wild’ 2021

Created for Singapore Tourism Board (STB), we conceptualised and produced Wild Over The Wild as a 4-part miniseries, with the support of its SG Stories Content Fund Season 2. Under the theme of ‘Singapore: The Unique and The Unknown’, we embarked on an adventure around our tropical island to unearth some of Singapore’s wild wow wonders, the raw, organic and wild side to our metropolis that’s hidden to most.

Agency: Kinetic Agency
Creative Directors: Pann Lim, Gian Jonathan, Astri Nursalim
Art Director: Creshelle Padilla
Scriptwriter: Wendy Aw
Account Managers: Derek Tay, Cheryl Lau

Director/DOP: Venus Oh
Producer: Reza Rifaldi
AC/Grip: Bryan Tan, Rui Rong, Tim
Offline Editor: Eryka Fontanilla
Music by Nashrudin Shariffudin